SDTC has promotional materials, fee guidelines and other information on all of our offerings and services. Some of the promotional pieces available upon request are as follows:

  • «Why South Dakota Trust Company? – General Information»
  • «Excellent Opportunity: The Modern South Dakota Dynasty Trust/Family Bank»
  • «The South Dakota Asset Protection Advantage»
  • «South Dakota Directed Trusts, Trust Protectors & Special Purpose Entities»
  • «Modernizing an Existing Irrevocable Trust: Reformation/Modification and Decanting»
  • «Private Label Trust Services»
  • «South Dakota as a Situs for International & Cross Border Families»
  • «The South Dakota Private Family Trust Company»
  • «Wyoming Unregulated Private Family Trust Companies»
  • «Trust Planning: Residential Real Estate & Vacation Homes»
  • «Powerful Trust Planning Opportunity 2017»
  • «Trust Structures with Life Insurance»
  • «Charitable Trust Planning»
  • «Do You Need to Be Wealthy to Have a Dynasty Trust?»
  • «South Dakota’s Special Spousal Trust/ Community Property Trust»
  • «South Dakota Dynasty Trusts Funded with Direct Private Equity»

Selected copies of SDTC’s published articles and speeches are also available upon request:

South Dakota Trust forms and required language are also available to advisors on the following topics:

  • Dynasty Trust Sample Forms
  • Premium Tax Trust Sample Forms
  • Premium Tax LLC Sample Forms
  • Advisor Language